Do You Know They are Real Reviews or Just Attention

Why are so many people asking whether is the real deal, or if it is a scam? Anyone know if SAMMYDRESS legit or a scam?

Is there any other site I could use for cheap clothes that are safe? Let’s face it! When an angry review and a positive review come to your front, your eyes must on the negative review. in China, there is an old saying explain this phonomenon,“好事不出门,坏事传千里”, that means, bad news has wings.

This Website is most assuredly a scam!!!!! They just never send the Clothes and when they do it’s never the sizes requested.

Lots of women are saying that they’re being scammed by absurdly cheap online apparel

If you cannot do one of those things, you either are a scam or don’t care enough about quality to be trusted

Beware Of Wigs Scams!

see, your eyes must on angry words like “scam”, “beware”.

Is Sammydress a Scam? Listen To Customers’ Reviews

When i read a review post which said Sammydress may be a scam, the comments below it catch my eyes. It’s interesting, i believe these users reviews more than this news. It make me understand the American spirit of free speech and concerning other nations.

This news named “Say No To The Dress” was reported by BuzzFeed News Reporter who report many news attacked Sammydress, ZAFUL, RoseGal and other websites. It seemingly that many users were not agree with her, and felt she proved it over and over again. That’s not the important. I’m more attention the following reviews.

sammydress scam 1

“What drives me crazy is that there’s no mention of the poor garment workers in this article. It’s all focused on the consumer and how Americans are getting ripped off by paying $10 for a knock off gown. But the real issue is that if you’re paying that little in the first place, where’s the moment when you take a second and ask yourself “if I’m only paying $10, how can the person who is making this get paid a living wage?” People have blinders up when it comes to fast fashion. No doubt the workers making these garments are working in the worst of the worst conditions. Gap and H&M are awful when it comes to their ethics but at least there’s STARTING to be a national dialogue about it. These ghost companies answer to no one. It’s inhumane.”

sammydress scam 2

“I’ve bought from Sammydress before and it’s not the worst (I like that customers can post photos of them in their items) I mostly liked what I got, obviously not designer quality (as no one should ever expect items that inexpensive to be well made) but were good for the events I needed them for. but it is still a crapshoot on quality, I’m not going to say they are super great and not a scam but they’re not terrible compared to some of the other sites.”

sammydress scam 3

“I wouldn’t say Sammy Dress is a scam retailer from my experience. I’ve gotten all of my orders (before they were supposed to arrive, which is a miracle) and I’ve liked most of them. MOST. The dress I ordered was a shirt on me. But, you do get what you pay for. You really really do. I love the shoes I ordered, but still, it’s best that everyone use caution when ordering from websites like this. From my experience, I would say Sammy Dress is pretty safe (they always answered my questions via email too) but it’s definitely a try at your own risk situation.”


More than above 3 reviews about that news, if you want to reader more, check it. All i want to say is, Internet is populated with many scam and fake sites. Even many review sites are tainted with fake reviews, which making it almost impossible for us to detect a safe site from a scam. So this post will not define Sammydress is a scam or not, we just post some comments and reviews. You could define it by yourself.

Recently, I have a crush on person, but I can only like him silently.

Sammy dress Size Chart

Nowadays it is not an uncommon phenomenon that online apparel stores are complained for sending their customers the wrong size items, even though they have provided size chart or fits guide on the site. Sometimes the occurrence of such mistakes might result from the site’s carelessness. Sometimes, on the other hand, it might arise chiefly from the carelessness of the buyers, especially those who ignored the size chart but confidently chose the ‘right’ size they thought.

Sammy dress is no exception. The international clothing store suffers from the sizing complaints and thereby some would-be buyers would doubt whether to make a purchase on Sammy dress. Yet from now on, we will speak to all Sammy Dress fans, ‘Don’t worry’, because recently we conducted an interview for Sammy dress PR Specialist and were told some sizing issues of the store, along with some tips of helping Sammy dress buyers find their right size.

Awareness of the Size Differences

Prior to choosing your size, every Sammy dress customers should be aware that

  • Sizes vary from different stores or sellers

To start with, common sense informs us that sizes may vary contingent on different stores or sellers. For instance, it is not hard to imagine that Sammy dress’ “M” could be H&M’s “L”. Thus it is of great importance for buyers to learn how to find their perfect sizes on the basis of the Sammy dress size chart.

Take the size chart for an example.

Sammy dress firstly provides customers with two measure units, including inches and centimeters. Secondly, it also offers size conversion chart which may be applied to the customers familiar with making a purchase in stores from the U.S., the U.K. And the Europe.

size chart 1

size chart 2

To assist customers in finding their perfect sizes, Sammy dress also implements a digital calculating converter. Those who cannot make sure their sizes can input their body measurement figure into the blank and then can get their approximately size.

size chart 3

  • The sites items come from different suppliers on which the sizes may vary relying

In addition to the size variance between Sammy dress and other online stores, sizes of different clothes within Sammy dress might not be identical. Since the site’s products are from different suppliers, their sizes may vary. To illustrate, as is shown in the photos below, dress A’s “L” could be dress B’s “S”, although both of the dresses belong to Sammy dress. In this case, the size chart is useful and hence you should check it. Of course, if you still cannot make sure what is your perfect size, don’t forget to take advantage of the customer service provided by the site.


size chart dress

(dress A)





size chart dresses


(dress B)




size chart 4(size chart of dress A)

size chart 5

(size chart of dress B)


Sammy dress notes that it is impossible to prevent sizing issue from happening, so it provides support–if you unfortunately receive the wrong size items, don’t hesitate to contact Sammy dress customer servers and they are believed to help you finish the return and exchange process. Plus, you should be aware that the service is not 24/7 and therefore be patient if you don’t receive a reply promptly after asking them for assistance.

How The News With No Real Or Current Source Misleading US

Background: one of Sammydress customer found an Australian online article that presents a negative view of several online fashion stores. The reporter is just patching together snippets of information she has found elsewhere and has no real or current source. Sammydress is named as one of them. However, the article is so biased, and only quotes a few unhappy customers, it seems like the journalist has done no research into finding happy customers to give an objective view, and it is also a misleading article because – even though she names Sammydress only once in the first list of stores.
So this Sammydress customer contacted this reporter:

Hi, Emma.

I hope you can take a few moments to ponder the points below. I’m reaching out to you with encouragement and appreciation for the positive influence you can create through your writing.

I just read your article:

As a very satisfied Sammydress customer, I found your article misleading and biased, so I’m a bit saddened by it. I am not saying that there aren’t unhappy customers – just as ANY business would have. If you look at the facebook pages of, for example, ISPs such as Telstra, Optus, Vodaphone, etc., you will find streams of volatile complaints. No business is immune. Facebook seems to have become a place where people get to rant, no matter the topic.

Your article lists several online shopping stores, but provides no developed details regarding Sammydress. It also fails to mention that besides the collection of complainers, there are many many more who are very satisfied.

I can’t speak for those who have had bad experiences with other stores you listed, but re: Sammydress, I have found them to be outstanding in customer service, and I am extremely happy with my purchases.

Since your article only lists several unhappy customers from other stores, perhaps it is more responsible journalism to do some research into people who are satisfied, to avoid bias. Otherwise your article tends towards irresponsible, sensationalist journalism and potentially libelous content – certainly in relationship to any misrepresentation of Sammydress. You don’t include links or references to the Buzzfeed article you mention, and the company income you list is for 2014, which suggests you either need to update your research, or that you can’t substantiate this, having perhaps only quoted it from someone else’s research, and this tends to make the rest of your article unreliable.

As the saying goes, “haters gonna hate”. People with an issue tend to be loud and often irrational complainers. This results from a core psychological need to validate themselves, if they perceive themselves as jilted. Through marketing research that I have done, customer behaviour has been described as follows:

apart from the initial points of contact, it is important for a company to establish a relationship with a customer/client and maintain it, refreshing it with new input at least every 90 days

after 90 days, if the relationship has not been advanced to the customer/client’s perceived benefit, thus keeping their interest, loyalty and investment, this customer/client will feel ignored, undervalued and rejected

if this happens, this customer/client will go to the company’s competitor and spend even more with them as a form of self-validation. It verges on spite, and is reminiscent of a jilted lover; the first company has virtually no chance of winning back that customer/client’s favour

Emma – perhaps this psychological phenomenon would make an interesting article … ? I don’t have my research notes on hand, but I’m sure you can expand on and corroborate this info with your own research. And, if you like, I can dig up my notes and references … It might do customers and companies good to be aware of how they are influencing one another.

In any case, what I have noticed (with those few who seem disgruntled with Sammydress) is that their perceived complaint usually comes from some misunderstanding on their part: not reading the policies, not choosing the right size (instructions given on the site), not understanding shipping options, not understanding the best ways to contact Customer Care. All of these conditions are solvable, yet instead of doing so, people tend to behave without much dignity, and continue to complain even after solutions have been offered … probably as part of that need to validate self, regardless.

In this “me me me, now now now” modern psychology, people tend to be rash and spontaneous, easily influenced by trends and not responsible for their inability to make informed decisions, or for their decisions that went awry.  They would benefit themselves more by becoming more informed, smarter online shoppers – in general, not just with the stores you listed.

That is not to say that mistakes don’t happen. One of my items was shipped to somewhere in Turkey, which happens to have the same regional code as Australia: AU. But, I was able to see the tracking history on my account, and I got a full refund, including shipping costs outlaid.

From all the Sammydress praise I read, I find your article sad and disturbing, so I guess my pychology is kind of like a current lover defending her “boyfriend” from criticism.

Please consider creating more objective, responsible content – unless your editor has pressured you into doing an eyeball grab in whatever way you can. Nobody wants to be ripped off, but don’t you think the world needs to spread some love and appreciation instead of being misled into prejudice? You have the power to make a difference. That’s an incredible, exciting thing. I hope you feel inspired to shine =D

Here is an extract from a Sammydress lawyer’s response to a different article (read more of what he said in the article):

Sammydress values our customers’ opinions and takes their grievances seriously. We note that the overwhelming majority of our customers love us: the complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau make up less than .01% of our total sales.

Nonetheless, Sammydress strives to satisfy each and every one of our customers. After an investigation into the issues presented by Seven on Your Side, we agree to reimburse or ship replacement merchandise to the affected customers whose issues have yet to be resolved.

Moreover, we are continuously updating our website and will roll out changes shortly to clarify shipping times, clothing sizes and return policies.

Sammydress, an online clothing retailer that offers the latest in fashion at low prices, thanks Seven on Your Side for helping ensure all of our customers are 100% satisfied.”

I am most definitely one of the 99% of happy Sammydress customers. I have been shopping with them for over one year. I have submitted and received over 23 orders, to the value of $1000+, and I expect I will enjoy shopping with them for an indefinable time to come.

I hope this gives you some perspective and inspiration for your future articles. And, perhaps consider removing Sammydress from that particular article to avoid any possible legal ramifications.

Wishing you well

Sidhe ***-*****

For the original version on Sammydress Reviews Blog visit:

How Did The Biased News Misleading US?

Is It True That Sammydress Is a Scam?

In my last post “Is The Scam Reviews About Sammydress True Online?”, i found a funny thing that all reviews on Yahoo Answer said sammydress and dresslily is a 100% scam are exactly same and are all wrote by one user. This time, i find another interesting thing about “scam”

We know America is a country that advocates freedom of expression. Therefore, many very serious words for someone in the other countries are very common for Americans. Like “fuck you”, “what the hell”. But is “scam” common in American? Almost every business have scam pages on Facebook, Especially cheap clothing e-retailer.

A facebook page named Is Sammydress a Scam shared many discussion posts about whether sammydress and other clothing online stores are scams. Recently this page received a lot of comments from one user.


This reviews said: “Paid and never received my orders…I tried to call using my cell and a recording tells you to use a and landline so I did and the call doesn’t go anywhere….I wrote them never heard anything. This site has to be shut down”

Which site has to be shut down, sammydress or dresslily? This same comments were left on both posts about dresslily and sammydress.

Many facebook page or news named one site but target many sites. Like sammydress is a scam, but post news about sammydress and dresslily. And comments never describe it clearly.

Is The Scam Reviews About Sammydress True Online?

A few days ago I searched on the Yahoo Answers to find topics about Sammydress, a e-commerce business. one of the phenomena catch my eyes in many Sammydress-related issues, many questions with a best answer, “100% scam. That is a fake website pretending to sell cheap merchandise”. I click in several questions and find that all 100% scam answers are exact same, and what makes me ponder is all these answers are wrote by one user, Buffy Staffordshire. I check on this account, and yahoo told me “sorry, nothing to see here, user’s activity is private”, i just can see the over 19 thousands answers, 93% best answers and many scam website links which post every “100% scam” answer. How strange!

yahoo-userSo i click in every questions about Sammydress with this “100% scam” answer, 58 questions have this answer, all are best answers and all were wrote by this one user, Buffy Staffordshire. This make me think a word “slander”. And i found that all answers were wrote on 2012 or 2013 year. So i enter another e-commerce business DressLily which is Sammydress’s sister site, the questions result was out, wow, there are also the 100% scam answers to Dresslily, and also wrote by this one user , Buffy Staffordshire.

sammydress-scam-yahoo-answersDifferent questions but exact same answers by one user, is it normal? We may post one answer to many questions, but not a answer to over 60 questions about different sites over and over again. I can’t define Sammydress is not a scam, but i will not define Sammydress is a scam due to unclear reviews. Should i report to Yahoo Answers?


Is Sammydress a scam for knock-offs advertised on Facebook?

Countless Chinese e-commerce companies have been involved in the accused of knock-offs advertised on Facebook, Sammydress, as one of the biggest Chinese clothing wholesale online stores which is serve for customers around the world, accused of may have the same problem, reviews and complaints, was questioned that if Sammydress is a scam or not.

Is Sammydress a scam? If not, How does Sammydress prove it, and what did Sammydress do to enhance the protection of its pictures?

“In order to keep our customers shopping at the lowest price as possible, our business model is not as same as luxury brands. Before the end of 2015, Our pictures are all supplied by vendors. With the continues development of Sammydress, we aware that Sammydress should take serious about the copyright of products and images. Then, we set up our photography team. some of Sammydress products were shot by ourselves, some by our suppliers, and we will check the consistency between the images and the products,” said the marketing leader of Sammydress, “By 2017, all product images will initially be produced by Sammydress, and inconsistencies in product and image will never reappear.”

(Dressers making up Sammy’s model)
Photo credit to @ Sammydress

In additional, Sammydress claimed it wants to ensure that every product posted on Sammydress must looked as same as customers received. Sammydress will not take any products on shelf until they ensure the consistency of the sample products and pictures sent by the manufacturers. Otherwise it will be rejected and will never be banned.

Should we trust it or still hold the idea that Sammydress is a scam? With this question i search it online and find that Sammydress now have a not bad reviews rating on, and, while some bad reviews on ripoffreport of, but it not means Sammydress is a scam. Every business has negative reviews, even if Amazon or Ebay are no exception, they are also have some scam reviews on ripoffreport or

The source of Sammydress reivews from

Although Sammydress has a lot positive customer reviews and the leader of Sammydress claimed they check on every pictures showed to customers, can we make sure that Sammydress is not a scam?

I’m not sure. So i check on Sammydress website and its YouTube channel. I pick up several pictures on Sammydress website, and try to find whether they are taken photos by Sammydress.

The picture of product 1 on

Source from

The screenshot of product 1 on

Source from

The picture of 4 products on

Pictured source:

The screenshot of 4 products on

Screenshot source:

All what the leader of Sammydress said was approved by my above information. Then, i could give my opinion that Sammydress may be not a scam, It just have some complaints. You can also find the consistency of pictures on Sammydress website and its Youtube video. It’s interesting but hard.

More discussion about whether Sammydress is a scam or not will be posted on this blog. If you have any reviews or tips, Pls feel free to leave your comments here.


Why Sammydress Ask Us To Verify Our Payment?

Sammydress claimed that o protect everyone against a small number of fraudsters, they have to complete these ID verification with customers randomly. If you are one among these customers, you may worry that “ why Sammydress ask me to verify my payment?”, “is Sammydress a scam or a fraud?”.

Sammydress stated that they launched for a Standard Anti-fraud Check to protect your order. Sometimes, unfortunately, thieves gain access to your credit card details or Paypal accounts and pay for products with your credit card or PayPal accounts online. If this happened to the payment with your card on Sammydress, the Standard Anti-fraud Check will found this unusual thing and ask you to verify your payment.

Is it really true like they claimed? Or just to clarify Sammydress is not a scam. The following is my interviews to a Sammydress header.



Hi, Jun, Why did Sammydress ask customers to verify their payment? Some customers said it didn’t happen when they pay on other sites. A rumor spread online said that Sammydress is a scam.


Sammydress is not a scam. In contrast, Sammydress is legit and safe. We do it because of Risk Controlling. Not every customer have to verify it, it only happened to someone when our Risk Control system find it may be a fraud payment. These few years, the cases of credit card fraud became more and more.


If I pay it with PayPal or S E-wallet instead of credit cards, should i have to make a verification?


PayPal payment may also be risk. for example, if your reservation address on PayPal and the addressed for receiving order does not match, or the order amount is too large, Sammydress Risk Control system is likely to be triggered. You will not be asked to verify with E-wallet payment.


All what Sammydress do is to protect customers’ payment?

Anyway, our system of Risk Control, is to prevent fraudsters to use credit cards to shop on Sammydress.


But if this kind scam really happened to customers, it’s the responsibility of bands, not yours, right? Why do you have to do that, it may let customers hold the idea that you are a scam.


If credit card fraud happened, businesses are more affected. Usually business will generate capital loss (losses in kind and need to return to the cardholder stolen money, virtual items, etc.), and a bad debt. For example, if your credit card was stolen by the thief, the thief took your credit card to place orders on Sammydress, then you find the credit card was stolen, you leave a complaints to card bank, then bank will ask Sammydress to give your money back. At last, Sammydress will lost its items and money because it do nothing. In the event of a chargeback , the business need to pay the charges arising from the chargeback and the chargeback service fees, etc., and if the merchant received a high rate of refusal, the card organization will inform the merchant to take appropriate measures for rectification, even may close the merchant’s trading account.

Therefore, the merchant is responsible to take appropriate preventive measures for avoiding credit card fraud. So Sammydress launched a Standard Anti-fraud Check and ask some customers to verify their payments.

From above interview, It seemly that what Sammydress did is to against credit card scammer and avoid losses like they claimed. Also we may be sure that Sammydress is not a scam, at least from the side of payment verification.


It’s a screenshot from about credit card fraud.


What Benefits We Get From The New Return Policy Of Sammydress

Sammydress said they get reviews from customers and will take customer reviews and complaints seriously. June 22, 2016. Sammydress was proud to announce the optimization of its return policy that gives more power to the customer. What changes have been made by Sammydress for return policy?30-days-return-warranty

30 Days Return Warranty

customers reviews that they often need more time to shipping their parcels back. To accommodate customers further, Sammydress have extended returning time to give customers a total of 30 days to decide to make a return or not.

Return Address

Sammydress like other Globalegrow brands Zaful and Rosegal, hear voice from customer reviews, added American return address. If Sammydress agree with your return application, you could send your package to PO BOX 30490 staten island NY 10303 USA, which is Sammydress location in America.satisfaction-guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

One of Customers reviews for Sammydress is that the shipping fees are a little expensive when they want want a return. It’s do expensive for shipping to oversea. But if Sammydress bear this cost, its product will not be such cheap. If Sammydress increase price to cover the shipping cost for return, it’s unfair to other customers.

In order to balance this kind of reviews and complaints, Sammydress claimed one temporary policy. If customers are not satisfied with their order, contact Sammydress within 30 days of receiving the product. All of them will be offered unconditional resend or refund for orders. But pls note that this policy is only apply to the order under $50.

Sammydress claimed they will continue to take customer reviews and complaints into consideration to prove they are not a scam and make a better shopping experience.

More news about Sammydress will be posted on which token a deep analysis on whether Sammydress is a scam or not. If you want to know more about Sammydress, check on other info here .

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Sammydress Revamps Its Online Return Policy

Is Sammydress A Scam?

Is SammyDress a Scam ? What We Should Know About Its Delivery

Is SammyDress a scam or legit? Check on this website, you may find that sammydress is not a scam. a scam website will not optimize its delivery system. The following content what sammydress do to its delivery system.

Effective Delivery

Total delivery time= processing time+shipping time
Processing time:
All SammyDress products require a processing time.
It is necessary for SammyDress to inspect all items one by one prior to shipping.
Processing time takes usually 3-7 business days. Specific processing is indicated each item page. We should notice that is business days, a business days may be 3 days, 4 days, even 5 days.

Now, SammyDress also has items that can be shipped within 24H.

Shipping time: 

It depends on the shipping method customers choose when customers place the order.

SammyDress offers 3 kinds of shipping methods ( The shipping time depends on the shipping way that the customers choose. ):

1.Flat rate shipping(10-25 business days)—Such as Netherlands post, Sweden post, China post, Hongkong post, Singapore post etc.

2.Standard shipping(6-8 business days)—Such as EMS, IB etc.

3.Expedite shipping(3-7 business days)—Such as DHL etc.

For more details, customers can check on sammydress shipping & handling

Now, for optimize the shipping time, sammydress add a new shipping method, priority direst mail. It’s good for six countries: USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany and Bahrain. These countries can be served with more cost-effective shipping service. In the future, sammydress will open more this kind of Direct Mail for more countries, and prove sammydress is not a scam with its action.shipping-methodIs sammydress a scam? You will know my opinion in my articles.